At the Ranch

Michael can help you with any problems you are having with your horse or help you achieve that next level in your horsemanship journey. Classes will be limited to a small number of riders for Michael to give as much individual attention as needed. The 2 day clinic will focus on developing and improving horsemanship skills as well as working with a small herd of cattle. Morning class is 9-noon and afternoon class is 1:30-4:30.

Michael will also be available for private lessons before or after class.

A limited number of stalls and hookups are available.  Call Tammy, 409-489-6015.

For more information about Michael and his work visit

Those who have camped and competed at MT Ranch may not recognize this area. Pasture has been created in formerly wooded areas and in the horse camp to provide grazing for cattle production. Steers raised here will be free-range grass-fed with no supplemental grain.

Ranch work isn’t just about taking care of animals. There are many mundane, but essential jobs that must be attended, such as filling up holes in the drive. Back-breaking work!

Michael Goheen Horsemanship Clinic

October, 2022 date to be determined

Ever faithful Crystal waits for the next assignment.

Cattle penned in preparation for parting out older calves to be weaned.

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Formerly wooded area across bridge to forest.

FYI: MT Ranch has a supply of barn-stored square bale alfalfa hay that is available for purchase either as single bale or 21-bale bundles.  

Call Tammy for pricing.         409-489-6015