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Livestock for Sale

MT Ranch acquired a small herd of Spanish goat in 2016. We plan to have only one kid crop per year.  The 2019 kidding season is in full swing with 27 new kids on the ground and more to come.   Call Tammy at 409-489-6015 for more information.

The Spanish goat, also called the brush goat, came originally via Mexico to the USA. While these goats were kept mainly for clearing brush or controlling undesirable plant species in pasture lands, they are now just as popular for meat. Although Spanish goats are a mixture of goat breeds, they do not include Boer in their ancestry. After the influx of Boer goats in the U.S., there has been a renewed interest and revival of the “pure” Spanish goat with its hardiness and excellent carcass quality. Spanish goats can be any color, but certain bloodlines tend to occur with a particular color, such as black.