Explanation of Scoring System

Above Average

10 = Absolute perfection with obstacle elements performed correctly and barely visible cues from         the rider. Exhibited smoothness and brilliance.

  9 = Correct execution of all obstacle elements, without any mistakes, but lacks brilliance. Rider          cues are clearly visible.

  8 = Obstacle elements are completed, without mistakes, but without finesse and smoothness.


  7 = Good but lacks the quality to make it an “above average” performance. A solid performance,         but with minor flaws

  6 = Average. Obstacle completed with mistakes that were corrected.

  5 = Low end of average. Obstacle was completed, but was just okay. Some mistakes were not         corrected

 Partial Performance

  4= Main elements of the obstacle were not completed. Most mistakes were not corrected.

  3 = A small amount of obstacle was accomplished or had quality.

  2 = Almost none of the obstacle elements were completed or with very low quality.

  1 = Rider made it past start, but did not complete any elements of the obstacle.

Zeros (will always be both rider & horse)

Zeros will be given:

     If the rider does not even attempt the obstacle

     If the rider cannot get past the start point

     If the horse and/or rider fall at the obstacle