Rules for Obstacle Challenge Buckle Series

1. Only 1 rider per horse, except that kids competing in the Youth & Junior Divisions may share a horse for     the AOCs.

2. Ages for Junior and Youth Divisions will be determined by rider’s age at first ride date (i.e. March 3, 2018).

3. The following equipment is not allowed: tie-downs, martingales, easy stop, halters as a bridle, or bareback     pad.  A saddle must be used, bareback riding is not allowed.

4. All horses must be ridden with a bridle.  A Western-style bridle with a snaffle bit (meaning a bit with a     broken port & NO SHANK), a bosal type hackamore, or gaited/English-style bridles may be used with 2     hands. All other bridles are to be used with 1 hand.  In other words, ride true to the discipline that you     tack up as.  Note: you may be better off taking the small 1 point deduction and use 2 hands if your horse     will handle better through an obstacle.  

5. Riders must ride in at least 10 of 15 rides on the same horse in order to qualify for the end-of-year     buckles and most-improved horse/rider awards.

6. All ties will be broken by using total number of plusses first, then score of the hardest obstacle (including     plusses), second hardest obstacle, third hardest obstacle, etc.

7. Fall of a horse/rider during the course of an obstacle will result in scores of zero for horse and rider for     that obstacle.  Fall of a horse/rider while on trail between the time you checkout with the ride-out     secretary and check back in with same will result in a total deduction of 20 points from ride score.

8. Proper riding attire according to discipline must be worn. No shorts, tennis shoes, etc. Helmets are     strongly encouraged especially with minors. Parent or guardian must sign a release indicating choice if     minor does not wear a helmet.

9. There will be a lameness check at the end of the ride. Horses with an obvious lameness that would     prevent them from being ridden will be disqualified. A slight soreness will not be grounds for disqualification.

10. In case of tie for the buckle, plusses for the 10 qualifying rides will be totaled. If there is still a tie, scores       for the same 10 qualifying rides will be totaled.