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14896 TX State Hwy 63 West        Jasper, TX 75951


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Michael Goheen will return to MT Ranch for a clinic in October, 2022. Classes will be limited to a small number of riders in order for Michael to give as much individual attention as needed. The  clinic will focus on developing and improving horsemanship skills as well as working with a small herd of cattle.

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MT Ranch has had a horse boarding facility for over ten years. Currently, there are several horses calling the ranch their home and they have blended well with the ranch horses.

Please call Tammy to check for boarding space availability.


Our goal at MT Ranch is to raise high quality, healthy cattle for our customers. Our butcher steers are raised in a pasture until their appointment date. They are never confined in a feedlot setting or fed grain. The steers are on a forage-only diet. This means our steers take a little longer to mature, but the result is a healthier, more flavorful cut of meat for the consumer.

Individual packages and small bundles of USDA inspected beef are available for purchase. We offer options for those families with limited freezer space or who would like to test the quality difference of our grass-fed beef with store-bought products before committing to a whole or half steer.

We encourage our customers to come and look at our cattle operation to see the environment in which they are raised.

Please call Tammy at 409-489-6015 to set up a time.

FYI-For riders who just want to ride the Angelina National Forest for a day, Tammy provides a safe place to park and unload for a fee of $5 per person.